SMSF Advisor vs Accountant vs Auditor

Managing the professionals to assist you with your SMSF is an important function of being an SMSF trustee. Let’s be honest…you can’t do it all!! It is therefore equally important to understand which professionals can assist you in the different areas of your SMSF. At Accura Accounting & Advisory we provide SMSF advisory, audit and […]

SMSF Asset Valuations

Asset valuations

You are probably getting your documents together in the coming weeks or months to have your super fund financials and tax return prepared. It may also mean it is time to think about getting those asset valuations done. Ensuring your SMSF assets are valued accordingly is an important aspect of being an SMSF Trustee. Some […]

What can my SMSF invest in?


Wanting to control your investments is often a key reason for considering an SMSF. SMSF’s offer a broader choice of investment options which are not usually accessible in retail or industry super funds. Knowing what these are is important so you can consider the appropriateness of each asset for your own SMSF investment strategy. Before […]

The Why, What and How of Setting Up Your New SMSF


SMSF’s are not for everyone but for many controlling their own retirement savings and watching it grow is a very rewarding and beneficial experience. Once you have determined you are suitable for an SMSF what do you do next? Here is a “how to” guide for setting up your new SMSF. So you have heard […]