Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Ensuring your Estate and Asset Protection is in order

Estate planning & Asset Protection are complicated matters. Let Accura help safeguard your wealth.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of planning and documenting a person’s wishes for all assets owned and controlled on passing. Its far more than simply having a will.

Great care and time needs to go into developing your plan so that it protects your assets and ensures your wealth is transferred smoothly, tax effectively and according to your wishes.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a general term for any planning carried out to reduce a potential creditor’s ability to access assets or value.

Many Australian assets are held by “at risk” entities or individuals, leaving their family wealth potentially exposed.

Ensuring your Estate & Asset Protection is in order

As your advisers we are familiar with your business, assets, and financial affairs. We are in a unique position to assess and resolve any issues and guide you through the potential tax considerations. We will address questions like:

How can we help you?

We will help to develop a comprehensive estate and succession plan that protects your assets from creditors, the government, excessive tax, and family disputes. 

We can assist with:

Estate Planning

How to get started on your estate planning

All you need to do is complete a Data Capture Form, send it back to us at, and we can get the ball rolling to help you protect your family wealth.